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our master plan

We're going to make things more beautiful than ever.


We can do anything web, back-end or front-end. Eos will be fully capable of designing anything and making things look great. Just contact us with your request and we'll see what we can do.


Moving with the pace of the industry or faster is how we survive. While we do know legacy technologies, we'll always switch to a newer one if we find that its better or has more demand in high tech markets.


Your website is personally managed and has 24/7 analytics and runs on the latest Xeon E5 servers with SSDs in RAID. Basically, it's fast, safe, and affordable. We hope to impress you with our server abilities.

Why Specartweb existed

In a nutshell, there was local demand
for skills like ours.

Until recently, we used to be called Specartweb. There's really not much to the name, except that it's easy to spell out and read. But it feels cheap since it really is just words and half-words just bundled together.

So, meticulous as we are, we wanted to change our name to show how much we've changed in the last few years of running this business. Moreover, we'd like to show off our work a bit more, because why not? Design and tech industry likes to brag, even humbly so.

So in honor of the business we started locally, we'd like to make more of our work public and try to get business going up in here again. It just might take a few days or weeks to get up and running, but we promise we'll be up soon. Contact us if you're interested in getting some work done!

Talk with us, get a quote.

We'll work around your budget. Generally we find that our customers are generous, so we tend to have a target range and depending how satisfied you are with the work received, we'll take that.

Design alongside us

We like to give you a chance to see much of the process along the way. At a minimum, we'll provide weekly updates of some sort if desired. We also want your input to keep things efficient.

Production stage

We're pretty good at deploying web applications or getting final prints for banners, so we'll be here with you on this stage to ensure that the quality of production is solid.


Creativity is the power to connect the seemingly unconnected.

  • Berkeley, California
    (We'll work anywhere in CA)


  • +1 916 850 0276

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